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We can end private inequity Together

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Private equity is a secretive industry that squeezes resources and wealth out of companies, communities, and the environment. Private equity executives make millions and leave a trail of destruction behind.

Private equity firms raise large sums of money and use the capital to take over everything from local newspapers to hospitals to retail to electricity generation. The firms charge fees and cut corners to increase their profits – while cutting salaries, benefits, health and safety standards; reducing quality of care; increasing rents; and – at twice the rate of public markets – driving companies to bankruptcy.

The Solution

Private Equity firms must commit to:

The private equity industry must stop buying or lending to fossil fuel projects and companies and profiting off technologies or services that expand reliance on fossil fuels.

Private equity firms must responsibly retire existing fossil fuel assets and repair damages to communities and the environment.

Private equity firms must publicly commit to a firm-wide transition plan to remain within the global greenhouse gas emissions budget and annually report on their progress, use of offsets and carbon sequestering technologies, and full scope of greenhouse gas emissions at both the firm and portfolio company level.

Private equity firms must disclose and regularly report on all investments, lobbying expenditures, greenhouse gas emissions, transition risks and climate, environmental justice and community impacts at both the firm and portfolio company level.

Private equity firms must ensure that their business practices do not cause environmental, racial, or economic harm including to workers’ ability to provide for themselves and their loved ones.

How We Win


For too long private equity firms have hidden their monstrous business practices behind a spreadsheet of financial gymnastics. That time is over. Join us for actions that expose the extractive business model of private equity firms.


Private equity firms continue to destroy jobs, communities, and the planet. Organize in solidarity with first and most impacted communities to share stories and stop private equity firms from investing in destructive projects.


We need a just transition to a sustainable future now. We can’t do it alone. Join us in calling on institutional investors to move away from this extractive economy and divest from private equity firms that fund fossil fuel projects.

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